An expansion of Islam in Haiti, it is believed, may affect the defense and national security of the United States of America. Americans live a fear and an increased hatred against Muslims that they accuse of being at the base of the macabre event of September 11, 2001: loss of human lives, collapse of the twin towers, torpor of the population, etc.

Islam is seen by many as a forbidding Word, an incitement to terrorism, a spirit that is disproportionate to a taxation of a conception of faith that supporters believe to be the perfect account of the duties of obedience from man to God; their God.

Islam can be so represented as a speculative theology of the conceptual study of issues relating to the Muslim religion. Kalam, speech applied to the Islamic faith, is based on the scriptural sources of the Qur’an (Holy text of Islam) and the Sunnah (prophetic tradition recounting the behavior of Muhammad.)

Islam has emerged in Africa as the main religion; now as it is being observed, this religion, feared for its fanatical view, its hatred toward Americans, whom they call infidels, is installing itself near the Empire of Uncle Sam specifically in Haiti where a lean rate of the population, for the moment, are attending Islam services in Mosques located in several major cities of the country such as Port-au-Prince, Gonaives, Miragoâne… but this rate is increasing day by day.

The destructive earthquake of January 12, 2010, which had weakened even more the Haitian population, had contributed to that more perplexing event; the existing dormancy leadership had encouraged its proliferation on the ground of the poorest country in the tumblr_lz4roxtJUG1r2goyoo1_500Caribbean. Therefore, several Islamic organizations seized such an opportunity to visit Haiti under the pretext of wanting to assist the Internal Displaced People (IDP) as well as to contribute toward the reconstruction of the country. The Head of the Nation of Islam, Minister Honorable Louis Farrakhan, visited Haiti with the intention to encourage a movement of unity.

If kidnapping and political instability are yet to catch the attention of the United Sates, such a visit and many others to come must worry American leaders who know for a fact how far Islam adepts can go when it comes to follow the Quran and to “respond to the will of Allah.

History reported that Dutty Boukman, a great man full of supernatural powers, was a Muslim and especially a Voodoo priest. Of note, the Voodoo against which was conducted a campaign of eradication during a trying time in society, is currently reprevailing in the Haitian people’s environment. This state of fact seems to benefit Islam. Followers of Islam want to relate the teaching of the Kalam with the practices of the Voodoo and in the minds of Haitians who still after 200 years of Independence are seeking spiritual guidance. They claim that Islam is at the base of the revolutionary war that had led to the Declaration of Independence of Haiti.

Considering rituals recognized to the Muslims, it is unthinkable to consider Boukman as a Muslim. Note by way of illustration that the story relates to the ceremony on 14 August 1791, at Bois-Caiman where he used his knife and stabbed to death a pig whose blood and meat were served to the audience. While the pork has been long considered by the great monotheistic religions as objects of contempt, rejection or taboo and thus forbidden for Muslims to consume.

To learn more, here is what that the Qur’an, V, 3 said: ‘ you are banned, carrion, blood, and pork. ” On this fact only, it cannot be established a plausible relationship between Islam and Voodoo.

Islam extends to over a billion followers currently in the world, including the Sunni attached not only to the Qur’an but also to the Sunnah, tradition that tells the speech and actions of the Prophet Muhammad; the Shi’a Islam that reveres Ali and his offspring as the successor of Muhammad. Islam was seen as revolutionary, if one refers to training at his debut, without too much fear of being contradicted, we see that rather Muhammad the Prophet was motivated by economic and political reasons by any vocation to the deity. His military successes represent one of the main reasons for his growing authority in Medina. The attack he launched on the caravans of Quraysh at Badr, 624, assured him a landslide victory over his Meccan enemies, although numerically superior. The following year, he committed a new battle against the Quraysh to Ohod (625), ending with the defeat of the Muslims. He managed to permanently repel the Meccans in 627 by digging a trench around Medina, which prevented them from entering the city. His prestige was enhanced to the point that the tribes of the surrounding areas begun to seal alliances with him and to convert to the new religion.

Can we express the fear of the Americans by the short narrative above exposed? Why does the warlike tendency of Muslims so petrifying to Americans? While we know that religion, whatever it is, must be practiced with free will, but when also, we remember that Muslims in the Middle East had assumed any responsibility linking them to the events of 11 September 2001, which had later had orchestrated the presence of the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and even in Africa or wherever Islam may be bourgeoning.

All things considered, Islam is a popular religion in Haiti and their humanitarian contributions to Haitians victims are positively received, but it seems that the very presence of this religion on the Haitian Earth is a threat that could affect the United States in its diplomatic relations with the Government of Haiti. Americans are convinced that Islam, with its extremist religions views promoting “death to Americans”, is the greatest threat to their defense and their national security. So the CIA, the FBI, and the TSA have been taking rigid security arrangements at all airports in the world with flights to the United States to ensure that all those who resemble Muslims undergo special screenings until they board the aircraft.

These kinds of screenings do not yet exist in the Haitian airports because immigration agents are not too tough on members of NGOs who are bringing humanitarian aid to Haitians. Now that several personalities of the religion of Islam are beginning to physically demonstrate their interest in the cause of Haiti; the United States would be unable to continue considering Haiti as a risk-free country or as a country that Muslims from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. will not eye in order to infiltrate their territory to carry out criminal acts.

For Americans, Muslims are Muslims wherever they are and wherever they are from; they are unworthy of being trusted and must undergo racial profiling at airports worldwide so to seek for bombs or for any other types of detonating devices. Today more than ever, the general spirit of the Americans against the Muslims, without glow of caution related to what occurred on September 11, 2001 and actual exception, is pronounced as xenophobia.

The expansion of Islam in Haiti, for Americans, on one hand is a threat and secondly an arrogance that must be to be suppressed. Let us remember that in the aftermath of 9/11, also, during his speech through which he declared war against Iraq, George W. Bush argued that the USA would destroy Islam everywhere it originated and wherever it was growing. And if Obama would want to expand Bush’s policy toward Haiti, he would have much more work to be done in the sense he would have to establish new legal measures for Haitians and any other foreigner for that matter, entering the United States through Haiti, perhaps implemnting other laws for securing airports and all other Haitian’s ports of embarkations.

Note that Haitians manifest no clear objection to Islam and its adepts so much that they have elected a Muslim to represent them in Congress.

Muslims clearly show they are providing critical and essential aids to Haitians. They vow to assist the victims of natural disasters that overwhelmed the country. They have provided accommodation camps, food, medical training, etc. They are present everywhere where the people are in dire needs of humanitarian assistance. Collaborating, cooperating, and coordinating with other religions and various NGOs, these men of radicalism trends, apparently, are good friends and good Samaritans for all afflicted Haitians.

The leaders of the United States of America; will they be jealous of this atmosphere of friendliness and good-neighborhood spirit between Haiti and the Islamic world? It remains to be seen how the US will react to the situation where Muslims are marking their territory more and more in the daily lives of Haitians.

That Muslims are bad for Americans, it matters less or none for Haitians who are inclined to stretch their hands to receive assistance from whomever are giving. We are waiting to see how the Americans will handle this expansion of Islam on the land of Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Is Islam bad for the world?

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